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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spraygraphic / Black and White Photoshow / submissions

Swap Meet, San Diego, 2009

I took a break from the preparation of the show!
I sent some photos to Spraygraphic for their upcoming "Black and White Photoshow". I created a series from some of the latest photos I took. I do not take pictures in black and white (I took the last ones with my Minolta-Leica almost 20 years ago!). But I find very interesting to transform an image into a black and white one with Photoshop. I dramatized the light a lot and I like the result.

First I worked a series of cacti close-ups (photos I took in Arizona two years ago). Then I thought, wait a second, these photos are going to...Arizona, I guess they are kind of overwhelmed by the cacti scenery! So I decided to change the subject of my series.

I submitted 5 [11x17"] photos through email. Spraygraphic handles the printing - I hope it will be good! The prints will be donated to High schools and art School at the end of the show in February.

Spraygraphic's energy is great. The website is super full of information and sometimes not very easy to navigate, but I like to be part of that community. A few months ago I participated in a show where they asked for 4x4" pieces. A lot of artist participated, I saw some photos of the wall, it looked nice!

San Diego-Vancouver, 2009

Backyard, San Diego, 2009

Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, 2009

Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France, 2009

Submission details: Spraygraphic / Black and White Photoshow


richard said...

Loved these black and white!!! Bravo. Ricardo

Michele Guieu said...

Thank you Ricardo! I take tons of photos, they are all on my computer (it take a lot of space!), always available - it's like an endless source of inspiration for me, I go through them and I use a few each time I have a project.
I'll see you at the opening of your show at the SDAI, next Friday!