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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Way He Sees Me!

Kid # 2's diary about the family (He just turned 7)

Have to finish the press release for the show. It is time to send it. Tonight my friend Jane is helping me, fortunately. She is a great writer! She will also write a text about the show, like she already did for my past two solo shows at the San Diego Art Institute.

Saw Jason Feather this morning. He is cutting the decals for the window of the gallery for the show - he has the machine to do it. Great to talk to him. Actually, I went there because we had a problem with a color. I wanted some decals "army green", but the green he showed me was to strong. So we decided to go all black: back to the first idea. Much better. Also I was surprised to realize that the decals will be on the outside of the window!

Back home I sent to Jason another document for the decals because there was a typo in the text. And it gives me the opportunity to make some changes. A chance Jason did not start yet to cut the letters!

Have to answer to some emails.

Called my mom to see how things are going AND to remind her not to bring too many things for us from France: she is coming in a few days to visit us. She wants to be here for the opening of the show, which is great!

Went to pick-up the transparent print at Moebius Color. I will have one transparent print in the show, in one of the square windows on the side of the gallery. It should look good. But those prints are expensive! $50 for a 20x20". And I cannot sell it, it will be sealed on the window box. I liked to go to Moebius when a guy named Mike was working there. Now he is gone and I have the feeling that I am a way-too-small client! But their prints are really good!

I stopped at Von's this morning to buy some food. I hate doing this during my work time but the boys almost refuse to go shopping (except at Toys'R uS).

Took some pictures I need for the blog.

Took back to the store a pair of shoes that does not fit. Nobody likes to shop in the family but I am the one who pretty much buys everything we need. Sometimes it would be much easier and faster to have the boys with me!

Starting thinking more and more (although I should not) about my next solo show at the San Diego Art Institute, in June. It's coming fast, and I have a project in my head which I am very excited about!

Took my car 2 days ago for an oil change. They found out that I have to change the front brakes. I have to take the car back to the garage tomorrow morning. I want to be sure it is done asap. In a few days we are going camping in the desert in Anza Borrego.

Thinking about participating in the upcoming show "Women by Women: from a SoCal viewpoint", curated by Anna Stump. I am not sure if I want to be in any group but I like the individuals in that group and I appreciate Anna a lot. The "women only" aspect of it I don't know. I participated in women shows in the past. It always feels odd to me!
My SoCal viewpoint is linked with my immigrant status, so my piece will be about that.

Have to stop at the library to take back all the books I borrowed (3 times in a row) for my show. They are all about Evolution, Lucy and Darwin. It's been 3 days they are in my car.

Have to buy corn muffins for the Thanksgiving party at school tomorrow!

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