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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Talk at the San Diego Museum of Art: Culture and Identity in Art

Saturday morning I was ready for the talk at the San Diego Museum of Art: From Art History to Art Making: Emigrant/Immigrant: Culture and Identity in Art. Stressed but ready. The power point presentation was a first for me but I found the process really interesting and flexible. One can do pretty much anything with that software. Very nice! The talks I gave before about my work always took place during a show, with the art around.
Marisol, Shadab and I arrived early. Everything was ready; Alexander Jordan organized everything very well.

It was really not easy to have only 15 "slides". There were a lot of things I wanted to say, I had to cut a lot but I guess the exercise was very good to me - I have a tendency to talk too much!
My presentation was chronological. I took some time to select the images, to organize them into a dynamic progression.

I am grateful to have been invited, I thought the presentation by Marisol Rendon was very interesting and smooth and funny. Shadad Zeest Hashmi read us an illustrated poem, beautiful.
I really liked the way Amy Galpin, the curator for American Art at the SDMA, introduced our works. I must say that the three artists were paid for their participation, which is normal in theory but certainly rare in reality. In that way, I felt much respected as an artist and it was good!

The presentation was very well attended, around 80 people. It took place in the boardroom in the museum. Kevin Freitas and Richard Gleaves, from Art As Authority came to the talk, I thank them very much, I know they are super busy going to a lot of openings and talks!

Janine Free and Lori Lipsman came too. Lori talks about the talk in her blog and Janine told me on the phone later that day that the talk gave her the desire to go straight to her studio and work on her art! Thank you both for coming.

San Diego Museum of Art
1450 El Prado Balboa Park
San Diego, California
(619) 232-7931

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