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Monday, December 7, 2009

Installation Art Produce - day two!

My mom Denise

Phase two: painting the mural. My mom and I arrived at the gallery at 8:00am, a good thing that the Caffe Carpe Diem opens so early (the entrance to the gallery is possible through the Caffe Carpe Diem every day, starting at 7:30!). It was already pouring and it was not going to get better. I do not complain, the rain is very much needed here - BUT I do not want any rain Saturday for the opening!
Claudia Hill, who already helped me greatly for the installation of my last show at the San Diego Art Institute, "C'est la Vie", arrived shortly after to spend the day painting with us.
It's nice to have my mom with me: she came from France to help me with the installation of the show, the kids, and to be at the opening Saturday!

After a very good coffee we were ready to start. First thing first, protecting the floor. Then starting painting the underneath coat, a soft gray. Then realizing, especially Claudia, that the tint of the white on the wall was very dark, almost vanilla, way too much yellow - never noticed that before. I went to Ace to buy a quart of soft white. Back to the gallery. Paint the white. 2 coats. Dries fast on the brushes. The people coming to the Cafe pick in the gallery to see what is going on. Very nice comments. Good mood!

Paint, paint, paint.

1:30. Time to go get the kids. Claudia took my mom to the school, got the kids, and took all of them back to the house... and came back.

Kevin Freitas paid a visit. Very nice to talk to him!

Talked to Lynn, being worried about my garage with all the water certainly leaking everywhere...
It was completely dark outside, Lynn re-arranged the lighting from the previous show: there was not light directed to the wall which was not very practical!

I asked Lynn about 944 magazine: a few weeks ago Ashley Lee asked me some pictures of the show for her column. Lynn told me the magazine just came out and the show is featured in "The Top Three not-to-be-missed Art Encounters This Month" (scroll to page 20)!
I went to get three of them across the street from the gallery (one for Lynn, one for my mom and one for me!).

I am excited to be so close to the opening now!

Back to the house, a lot of water in the garage, but pretty much everything is OK:the paintings and most of the boxes are not directly on the floor. Power outage for a couple of hours. Candlelight dinner. Hand shadow puppet shows with the kids. Excellent chili made by Kyle.

Received an email from Overnight Prints: the postcards are on their way. Hopefully I will receive them before Friday, and give them to the kids at school: I would like some of them to come to the gallery Saturday afternoon to listen to the African stories!

Me, Claudia and my mom

"Lucy, Darwin and Me"
Art Produce Gallery
Opening night Saturday, December 12, from 6 to 9pm

Gallery Events, December 12, 2009:
2:00pm -3:00pm
-- Marian Williams tells African tales for children.

Noon- 4:00pm --Art Produce is hosting a fair trade market of African art and imports to benefit Women’s Empowerment STAR Center.

7:00-8:00pm -- Alfusainey Suso plays the traditional West African kora.

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Roy The Artist said...

you are working very hard! I have been looking at your work- cant visit your show unfortunately. I am a few thousand miles away! It looks really interesting. I will put a short post on my artist blog, I get readers from all over. Checkout