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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Installation at Art produce - Day One!

Photos Lori Lipsman

Today I was still working on my video! I cannot believe how much time it takes to finalize that 10 minutes video.
I applied some wood stain on the display table. My mom, who is visiting from France, helped me greatly. And equally importantly, she made some good coffee and sugar and lemon crepes.

Tonight, phase one of the installation at Art Produce Gallery! The opening of the show is Saturday and this is the last straight line!

I loaded the car with a ladder, tools, tarp, tape, paint (the non-toxic Mythic paint I like!)... and off I went.

I met Janine Free and Guy Maynobe at Art Produce at 4:30, just before dusk. The artists from the previous show "United and Severed" were still there and I felt bad to arrive kind of early, I did not mean to push them out at all! But I knew I had to start Sunday night because the first thing to do to install the show was to project the image of the mural on the wall. I want to be ready to paint tomorrow morning.

I talked to Lynn Susholtz about different details about the installation. I took with me the black boxes for the window displays. I'll have to finish them at home: put the items in one, glue the back-lit photo on top of the other one.

I met Janine Free on the occasion of the preparation of this show. I needed a powerful digital projector. (Mine is too weak: it was really tricky to project the image of the mural on the last show at the San Diego Art Institute "C'est la Vie".)

So I sent an email through the Digital Art Guild and Janine responded, she is a photographer, she is French and really nice. That's one great thing about the preparation of the show: I met really interesting people!

Tonight she brought her laptop, cables, my jpegs files of the mural that I drawn on Photoshop and sent to her. Helped by her friend Guy, she installed the whole thing to project 4 images on the wall in total. She projected the images from the outside of the gallery, the ladder with the projector on top was almost in the street. The structure of the window was on the way of the projection but all in all I've got pretty much everything, now I still have some touch-up to make. It went very smoothly from there. Janine and Guy even helped me to trace the outline.

Lori Lipsman stopped by and took some very nice photos! Which is great because I forgot my camera. It was nice to see her!
This is a good start - we'll see tomorrow how it goes!

"Lucy, Darwin and Me"
Art Produce Gallery
Opening night Saturday, December 12, from 6 to 9pm

Gallery Events, December 12, 2009:
2:00pm -3:00pm
-- Marian Williams tells African tales for children.

Noon- 4:00pm --Art Produce is hosting a fair trade market of African art and imports to benefit Women’s Empowerment STAR Center.

7:00-8:00pm -- Alfusainey Suso plays the traditional West African kora.


Roy The Artist said...

Hi I have an alert up for art tracer as I have made a (free) device to enable easy virtual tracing. I dont know if SimmTrace would help you? It uses a webcam,free simple software, to behave like a modern camera lucida. You could point camera at your wall and see overlaid ref. image on a laptop. See
(short video to explain)

Michele Guieu said...

Thank you Roy! The projection on the wall went very well last night. I do not know which model Janine has but it is very powerful!

samantha said...

Heya - This is Sam from Mythic Paint! We love your art installation and want to thank you for using Mythic. We are very proud!

Michele Guieu said...

Thank you Samantha! I love that paint, especially when you have to paint for hours and hours, it's nice to know it is 100% safe! Plus it is beautiful!