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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Installation at Art produce - Day Four

Claudia, Janine, Lori and me.
Lori, you closed your eyes! I want to have the picture
in the blog though, and that's the only one I have!

This installation week is quite an adventure and I cannot believe all the support and help I am getting!

Claudia Murphy Hill and Janine Free spent the day at the gallery helping me!
We had the interesting visit of Lori Lipsman, who gave me a good advice for the second room: I wanted to repaint it completely which is a lot of work and she found an idea to avoid that, that's great! And the use of the dark color is really a good point.

We had a very good lunch at Caffe Carpe Diem next door - a nice change from the sandwiches! And beautiful Sema makes the BEST latte in town!

Things went smoothly, especially when Greg Rusnak and John Belfiore from Beau Vue Window Cleaning (619 507 9064) showed up: they proposed to help for the decals! We saw them Monday when they cleaned the gallery window but I did not expect them to come back.
Greg stayed with us until 9:00pm!

Keli Dailey from the San Diego Union Tribune came for an interview about the show and took pictures for the Union Tribune's blog. She took her timethat was a very pleasant moment! This morning she is talking about the show on KPBS in "These Days", but I do not know in which segment!

Great day! Wonderful energy! We are getting there!
It will become more and more difficult to show photos because I do not want to spoil the surprise!

Off I go! With my mom today!

Greg taking care of the decals!

Janine and the cat

the preparation started for the second room

Greg and Claudia outside at night in the cold!


Eric Meyer said...

Voilà une installation et exposition qui promet d'être très réussie. Merci de partager ici son élaboration !

Lori said...

Sorry about not looking at the camera!

It is very nice to see the progress documented on your blog. Not sure you have to worry about spoiling the surprise since it will be so different to be there, walking between the window and the wall, being in that space, seeing it all, and then into the other room to experience it. There is no way anyone can imagine that from the pictures.

It is an experience I am looking forward to.

Michele Guieu said...

Bonjour Eric! Merci! Dernier jour aujourd'hui, demain vernissage!!

Thank you Lori! You are right about the photos! Hopefully I will post something tonight -
Everything went well yesterday!

Craig said...

Excellent! Very exciting Michelle!

Michele Guieu said...

Hi Craig! I wish you could see the show! I will post more photos -
Hope to see you soon in San Diego!