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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art and Nature

Decor: JaneLaMotte

I went to see the last rehearsal of "The Marriage Bed" at Diversionary Theatre in Normal Heights. Beautiful Dana Hooley and Dré Slaman. A funny, smart, sweet and timely tale about same sex marriage. I enjoyed the pure and simple stage decor, designed by my friend Jane LaMotte, who invited me.

I miss going to the theater, it is so amazing to actually see people performing right in front of us! And in a small theater like the Diversionary, it is even more intense. For years it was difficult
for me to go to the theater, because of the language. And I still have some difficulties sometimes to understand all the nuances. Seeing a movie is a little bit different. Usually I can rent it later and read the subtitles.

Family walk on Pacific Beach.

On the occasion of the closing reception of the show "Women by Women", I participated Saturday night in a "Walk and Talk" at the San Diego Art Department with artists Jocelyn Duke, Jeanne Dunn, Misty Hawkins, Daphne Hill, Maura McHugh, Amy Paul, Ginger Rosser and Therese Rossi. Each artist talked for a few minutes about her piece in the show.

It went very well and was very well attended. Lots of interesting questions. I am very happy that Andrea Chamberlin accepted the proposition to have a talk. I think each time it is possible, it would be nice to organize a talk. People are interested in getting information from the artist(s). It is a way to make a real connection between the work and the person who made it. And it usually creates a good energy.

Jocelyn Duke
Hot Pink Giners (top)
pencil and gouache on paper, 2009

Black Boobs
pencil and gouache on paper, 2009

Jeanne Dunn
oil on canvas, 2007

Maura McHugh
It's Just Sex
pen and hot glue on paper, 2009

and me
Fatima (A blanket for Michel)

Woven Blanket (cotton), 50"x60"

Perry Vasquez as Father Bartolomé de las Casas

At 8:00pm, after the talk, I went to Agitprop, to see "Coatlicue mi Amor", an intense one hour show. Readings, sounds, videos, live videos, music, play... It was a really strong experience fitting perfectly right in the strange and tortuous space of Agitprop. The place was packed and people in the public, who were all standing, were moved around by the performers.

Perry Vasquez started working on performances two years ago but this is the first one I see. I think he found a new very interesting way to develop his work.

Perry is drawing on a piece of blood red fuzzy fabric:
sun, heart, god and goddesses, appearing and disappearing..

From the press release:
[Incorporating weird combinations of materials, sound, the human body, pop culture artifacts and historical sources, the happening will use the myth of Coatlicue to examine the conflicted relationship between indigenous culture and the legacy of colonialism in the Americas.

../.. "Coatlicue mi Amor" is performed by The Border Corps, a group of five Southern California artists, musicians and performers. The Border Corps members are:
- Endy as Coatlicue, the Aztec Earth Goddess and Mother Superior

- Perry Vasquez as Father Bartolomé de las Casas, Outer Space Alien

- Shondra Dawson as the Visible
Woman who Swallowed the World

- Armando de la Torre as the Oracle of Sight and Sound
- Anthony Vasquez as the Conjurer and Re-enchanter of the Aural Mysteries of Life

If I understand it was a "one night only" performance, but I really hope it will happen again for all the people who could not see it that night.

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Sunday - Family walk in our canyon.

Monday - I took down my piece "Fatima (A blanket for Michel)" at the San Diego Art Department. Went to see "Avatar" again. As visually stunning as the first time.

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