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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Last Two Years

San Diego Art Department,
closing reception of
Women by Women, February 13.

Talking to a friend who was asking me the other night how I was feeling after the show ended at Art Produce, I said that I was quite tired. I have been working very intensively during the last two years, since the preparation of my first solo show at the San Diego Art Institute, Here It's Peace (June 2008).

It has been amazing and exciting and
I do not regret participating in all these shows . I learned a lot, I had some very good opportunities to experiment in interesting spaces.

The one show I asked to participate in was Movers and Shakers II. I already knew I was having a show at Art Produce and I was interested in portraying Lynn Susholtz, who is an important figure in the art community in San Diego.

The marathon started with the solo show at the San Diego Art Institute, Here It's Peace (June 2008). All the paintings were created for the show.

Obama, 2008
acrylic on wood panel,
and 12"x12"

There was the show Obama 08 at Art of Framing Gallery (September - October 2009), for which I painted two pieces.

There's Plenty Of Time For Politics
2008, prints on paper, 40"x60" each

I participated in Left, Right and Center at OT Gallery: a group show of prints curated by Patrick Merrill (October - November).

Dada Dinner
- Curtains for the kitchen door

Dada dinner
Le Verbe Etre

mixed media on canvas

It continued with the Dada Dinner (October 25, 2009), part of the SDVAN project "Eat your Art out".

Then the group show at Noel-Baza Fine Art for the
San Diego Art Prize 2009 (February - March 2009), where I presented an ensemble of 6 paintings.

Lyn Susholtz,
2009, 6x[24"x24"],
acrylic and ink on canvas

The portrait of Lynn Susholtz for Movers and Shakers II at Arts Expression Gallery (painted in February - March 2009, exhibited in January 2010) took a few weeks to complete. I started with a series of photos I took of Lynn and several other photos taken the previous months, during openings or classes. I wanted to create a composite image of Lynn, the gallery, the events. I remember at that time my mother was visiting from France, I had a deadline with the portrait and I was working on it every day. My mother was talking to me in the garage, where I was painting. I felt bad not to go out with her more!

Piece of Her

2009, [18x18]x2

acrylic and spray paint on wooden panel

There was the show
Idol Worship at Art of Framing (March 2009). I decided to portray Britney Spears and I did it specially for the show. The piece is inspired by the song "Piece of Me" (Blackout, 2007).

Installation at the San Diego Art Institute:
paintings, mural
45 feet long, 8 feet high
The long wall was the same used for the show "Here it's Peace"

I created a large series of small paintings for my solo show C'est la Vie, at the San Diego Art Institute (June-July 2009). In this show I changed the scale of my work and used the wall as an integrated piece of the work.

I live Here

installation of 9 paintings,
acrylic on canvas

Because it was difficult to know exactly how many I would use in the show C'est la Vie, I painted more pieces than needed. From the series I did not use, I selected an ensemble of 9 paintings that became my piece for the show
Welcome Friends at Project X:Art (September 2009), a new gallery opening in Solana Beach.

For Lucy, Darwin and Me, at Art Produce (December 2009 - January 2010), I made a long series of inks on paper, and created the whole project specifically for the gallery (mural, decals, photos, video, events). I used all the space including the second room and the window, thinking about the view from the street, by day and by night.

Fatima (A Blanket for Michel)

The blanket is given to Fatima
for her son at the end of the show
2010, 50x60", woven blanket - cotton

For Women by Women at the San Diego Art Department (January - February 2010), I made a portrait of Fatima, experimenting a new medium for me, the woven blanket.

"Living Room with ghost and no TV" or "Watching the campfire"

For Vacancy 2, "One vacant apartment, One night, 15 artists" (February 5, 2010), I created a piece, mostly on site, specially for the room I was working in: the living room of the apartment. Made a video, selected and printed (personal) photos. I worked on site 3 days, the show was on for 4 hours.

I have two upcoming solos shows, one at the San Diego Art Institute in June 2010 and one at Project X: Art Gallery in Solana Beach. I am thinking about what I want to do, what I want to show.
I know both spaces, each of them will influence the way I will present my work.

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