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Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's go see Hackenwerth's Megamites at the New Children's Museum!

One of Jason Hackenwerth's creatures

I think I know where I am going with the children this Sunday! I cannot wait to see those creatures, they look fantastic in the videos and in the photos. Brightly colored, translucent, ephemeral, touchable, poetic and funny...We are lucky to have some of them created here in San Diego for a while!

The New Children's Museum
Jason Hackenwerth
200 West Island Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

Monday, 10am–4pm
Tuesday, 10am–4pm
Wednesday, CLOSED
Thursday, 10am–6pm
Friday, 10am–4pm
Saturday, 10am–4pm
Sunday, 12pm–4pm

"The New Children's Museum is a dynamic new model of a museum that celebrates children and the visual arts. An innovative combination of gallery, studio, and classroom spaces combine to make the museum the first of its kind—and unlike any other museum in the United States."

"Each month, NCM shines a light on one of the exhibition artists. Enjoy fun-filed events, special studio projects, and unique gallery games taking inspiration from the artist of the month. Learn more about Jason Hackenwerth and his works, Return of the Trilodon and Agartha."

The New Children's Museum's YouTube page
I had the pleasure to see that one of the videos I took at the museum of one of my children building a "house-purse" is one of their favorite videos!

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