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Monday, February 8, 2010

VACANCY 2 / my piece for the living room

I had just a few days to really think about what I would do in the living room for Vacancy 2. I am grateful that Lori Lipsman, who organized and curated the show invited me to participate.

A nice opportunity to work on site, in a vacant apartment. Interesting and challenging.
I used the walls "as is". The left wall had two different tones of green. Some paint came off when a poster was removed, leaving white areas. I decided to work with that.

I made a mural installation - mural, paintings, photos and DVD - on the theme of the "TV room". The object that one always finds in each house's living room. I did not put any furniture in the room, only the TV - one painted and one real screen - is there.

A few weeks ago, I videotaped a campfire in Anza Borrego desert, not knowing how I would use the footage. I do that a lot. The footage I get is mostly nature related: ocean, desert, plants, landscapes...
I made a simple DVD with the campfire on a loop.

I thought that the black of the color of the mural, the black of the screen and the black of the campfire made an interesting combination.

The campfire is what we loved to watch when the family goes camping.

Sprinkled on the walls, are a series of photos taken during dinner time, birthday parties, at family and friends', at moments where the TV is turned off.

The only element symbolic related directly to the news is the image from the road sign "Caution", the family of three illegal immigrants running.

I worked three days on the installation, and the show was only for one night.
Then I painted the walls back to white.

In the next post I'll talk about the night of the event itself.

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