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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VACANCY 2 / Friday, February 5, 2010

It was a great evening with lots of people showing up for that "one night only" show. Excellent mood all along and, I have to say, a lot of excitement in the kitchen where Richard Chaudavis' project (part of the Leftovers project) generated quite an enthusiastic interest!

Here are some photos of the different installations with some notes/statements from the artists participating.

Lori Lipsman / Leftovers Project

(photo Lori Lipsman)

"As part of Vacancy 2, I got the kitchen as my space.
Kitchen, what could a kitchen have in it?

Food, Leftovers
Leftover art?

I decided to invite artists to revisit old work. Rework, reinvent, and make it into new work. The concept can be compared to having leftover Thanksgiving turkey and instead of re-heating it, creating turkey tetrazzini.
12 artists participated in the Leftovers Project: Stacie Birky Greene, Richard ChauDavis, Janine Free, Michele Guieu, Molly Lipsher, Lori Lipsman, Guy Lombardo, Michael Maas, Conrad Mecheski, Anna Stump, Maura Vazakas and David White."
Lori Lipsman

Richard ChauDavis / Trash (Leftovers Project)
Here's an excerpt of Richard ChauDavis' Statement:
"When someone leaves (an apartment or life), what is precious becomes trash.
The concept I am exploring for Leftovers is the idea of trash and my life as an artist. My legacy not in terms of preserved works in museums or homes but the very real and too often case of my legacy to the trash can. It is very liberating to take good work and throw it away early. To treat archival works as performances that are not recorded and lost in time.
Kitchen Can: For starters, shown and not purchased, extra prints (2 of 3 and 3 of 3), too light or too dark, damaged, unloved, old technology, and/or I liked the way it crumpled.
All the individual bits of trash are free for the taking, but please leave me the containers. This includes anything of my work in the trash cans, scattered on the floor, hidden in the sideboard or underneath your feet. The gloves are for effect and fun; it’s all clean… unless someone added their own trash."
Richard ChauDavis

"Work also discarded into the upper cabinet
that was in the ‘Kitchen Can’ and
‘White Kitchen Garbage Bag’ below." R.C.

Rummaging in Richard ChauDavis' closet and trash cans...

...and finding treasures

"Standing over the ‘Small Waste Can’ (hidden)
looking at picture" R.C.

Lori Lipsman

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Left on the wall:
Maura Vazakas
on the wall:
Janine Free

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Stacie Birke Greene

(photo Lori Lipsman)

David White (bottom shelf)

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Hall / Michael Ruiz / Contemporary Ruins
"The use of ceramics in these structural paintings helped me solidify both my desire to demonstrate the passage of time and the impact to an object through human interaction. This is an ongoing series that stems from my fascination with antiquities and natural decay."
Michael Ruiz

Bathroom / Richard Gleaves / Hommage à Morris
"Articulating a constrained space."

(photo Lori Lipsman)

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Bedroom / Sam Frazier
"My video installation at the Vacancy 2 show is about loss. Lost innocence, lost dreams, the lost art of the LP record album cover. And all the other chimera in our lives that gets deposited into the metaphorical closet of our minds."
Sam Frazier

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Living Room / Michele Guieu
"Living Room with ghost and no TV" or "Watching the campfire"

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Vacancy 2
February 5, 2010

3666 Villa Terrace

San Diego, CA

Kitchen: Leftovers Project / Lori Lipsman
Bedroom: Sam Frazier

Bathroom: Richard Gleaves

Living room: Michele Guieu
Hall: Michael Ruiz

contact Lori Lipsman:

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