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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Installation of my exhibition in a few days…

"Territories Series": Land, 2008, mixed media on wood panel, 10"x10"

The garage - which is my studio - is clearing up: almost all the paintings for the exhibition are ready to go and are stocked in the living room now.

As I am getting ready, I am also working on “Territories Series”, a new group of small paintings inspired by the news. Myanmar, China, Tibet, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Palestine: the list is long where people are displaced, are looking for a land to stay, to rest, to reconstruct their lives.

Although the theme is serious, I find the paintings light and hopeful.

I continue to paint, I continue to make images.

The weather is warming up and lots of bees pay a visit to the backyard. The canyon is peaceful and inspiring, just looking at it is uplifting. This morning I am listening to “Raising Sand” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: she has an amazing voice and some of the songs are spell bounding.

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