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Friday, May 9, 2008

Opening of the New Children’s Museum in San Diego

Last Sunday we went to the “block party” for the inauguration of the Children’s Museum downtown, next to the Convention Center. We took the trolley to get there which was really nice. When we arrived at the museum, there were people everywhere and the line to get into the museum was wrapped around the block and it was impossible to see the end of it…

But we were lucky enough to see the parade in the street: a colorful ensemble of banners made by children.

We decided not to stay and to go for a walk at Seaport Village instead, where there was the Air Show and it was pretty packed with people too!

We will definitely go back to check out the new museum. We waited a long time to get it, so it is great news that it is open - at last! On a program on KPBS about the opening of the museum, I heard about a “pillow-fight room” which seems full of promises!

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