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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coffee and Donuts @ the Bakery

It was a one night show, Saturday, June 26, at the Bakery in Barrio Logan. Always impressive to see so much work shown for one night only!

From the invitation

As a sequel to the ‘Shaken, not Stirred’ show in June 2009, a group of local San Diego designers, architects, artists and educators are getting together once again to showcase recent individual projects and ideas that they have been working on. The exhibition will include a variety of media including, sculptures, drawings, digital fabrications and models.

Artists whose work is included in this show are Ted Smith & Kathleen McCormick; Rinehart/Herbst; Hector & Adrian Perez; Miki Iwasaki; Rene Peralta; Megan Willis; David White; Jim Darroch; Christopher Puzio; Jose Parral & Tasi Paulson; Philipp Bosshart; Andy Ralph; Brian Dick; Jon Linton; Michael Hoffman; Daniela Deutsch; Cameron Crockett; Adriana Cuellar& Marcel Sanchez-Prieto; and Nathan Colkitt.

Lots of things going on that same night in San Diego. After that visit, I was off to Space for Art opening night.

The Bakery
1701 National Avenue
San Diego, CA

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