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Monday, June 21, 2010

Here not There / San Diego Art Now @ MCASD - some photos taken the night of the opening

Brian Dick - Inside the Gloom Room

Tuesday, June 22 / note : This is the GLOWROOM! (Thank you Brian!)

Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt’s video “Antarctic ... Huh?"

John Oliver Lewis

Brian Goeltzenleuchter
's store

Tom Driscoll

Andy Ralph’s - “Lawn Chairs”

May-Ling Martinez

Jessica McCambly

David Adey - The New Lamb

The Border Corps - The Cart: Art is Dead / Art is Alive

Here Not There: San Diego Art Now
MCASD La Jolla
Jun 06, 2010 through Sep 19, 2010


brian dick said...

Hi Michele,

Wow, Those are great pictures of the Glowroom!(it was pretty dark in there, I can see why you'd call it the "gloom room") I actually don't have any good images myself so was happy to see yours. by the way, what a great opening it was, huh?


Michele Guieu said...

The Glowroom, of course! :)

I love the fact that nothing happens if nobody is in the room. Totally immaterial, ephemeral and interactive at the same time!

It was possible to take pictures during the night of the opening. I wanted to take more the night of the performances and it was not permitted. I do not understand why.
I'd like to take more.

I enjoyed the opening very much, there was a good energy. The show is interestingly very eclectic, I was happy to see it again on the occasion of the performance night.
I'll take the kids soon, I think they will enjoy it!

Lori said...

You did get such great photos that night. It is really unforntunate pictures cannot be taken all the time. I wonder why.

I love that Brian's Glowroom is always so different. Looking forward to getting in there without so many people!!!

Acutally to see the entire show without so much going on will be interesting.

Michele Guieu said...

Thanks Lori!

I cannot believe it is not possible to take pictures in the museum, except for the night of the opening. I did not take pictures of all the pieces I was interested in, like Marisol's or Steve's. Now it is too late.

Anyway, I'll go see the show again!
I did not see all the videos.