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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday: Art Produce / There goes the Neighborhood / Here not There

At Art Produce for an art project

Saturday a group of kids were invited at Art Produce Gallery to participate in an art project with Lynn Susholtz. They had a blast and I was happy to be there, I enjoyed the afternoon very much.

Then we started the tour with Megan Willis, on the occasion of the event "There goes the Neighborhood" organized by Agitprop. We heard Lynn talking about her new green backyard. By then the kids were running all over the place and I decided to go back home!

There goes the Neighbourhood / Megan Willis' "Residual Spaces Walkin Tour".

Here Lynn Susholtz is speaking about her ongoing project
to restructure the backspace of Art Produce Gallery
and Cafe Carpe Diem.

"There Goes the Neighborhood": A talk at the Summer Salon Series,
San Diego Museum of Art, last Thursday night.

Thursday I went to the SDMA for the Summer Salon Series and although I arrived too late to see the performances, I went to the talk, organized by David White, Agitprop.
Agitprop is everywhere (also in Here not There at MCASD) and this is good!

On my way back home

Here not There / Jessica McCambly's piece

At 7pm the babysitter showed up and I was on my way to see "Here not There" at MCASD in La Jolla. I was truly excited to be there! I loved it! And I loved the energy! It was packed. I saw many dear friends.

n my opinion the show is excellent, diverse, and it flows very well. Lots of things to see, to experiment, to interact with.

In the future I hope that the MCASD will organize that kind of event more often than every 20 years though. The San Diego artists are obviously worth it!

I need to go back there and to take the children.
I'll post more photos soon.

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