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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working on an image for the "Bulletin Board", part of Lori Lipsman's installation: Canyon Shadow Play @ Art Produce (end of July)

Silk screening my image

"As part of the installation Canyon Shadow Play at Art Produce Gallery July 25 – Aug 30, 2010 there will be a bulletin board, like bulletin boards at trail heads, and coffee shops, where people want and need to communicate with others. I am inviting artists to display work on this bulletin board which is inspired, an interpretation and/or representation of canyons.

The pieces on the bulletin board will be for sale as a donation to Art Produce Gallery. There will be a box installed, much like the permit boxes for hiking permits. Viewers interested in a piece will be on the honor system, donating what they can to programming at Art Produce."

Lori Lipsman

Today I worked with my friend Claudia Hill on the printing of the 10x10" image I've made for the "Bulletin Board", part of the installation "Canyon Shadow Play" by Lori Lipsman which opens at the end of July at Art Produce.

I took a lot of photos in the different canyons me and my family visited. Because it is the last we went to, I decided to use a photo from Canyonlands for this piece.

Silk screening is a great process, and Claudia knows what she is doing. I helped her as much as I could and I love the result with two colors. It is a short series (15 or 20). I will give some prints for the fundraiser for Art Produce, give one to my mom who saw the one I brought back home tonight and loved it (of course!), and keep a few for me.

[Tomorrow with Claudia, we are printing the series I've prepared for the San Diego Museum of Art, on the occasion of the Summer Salon Series which will take place next Thursday - its' coming fast! More on that later!]

Lori Lipsman: Canyon Shadow Play
Art Produce Gallery
July 25 – Aug 30, 2010

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