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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Jolt and a Shake

The 5.7 earthquake struck at 9:26 at epicenter (Ocotillo)

The house was very quiet when it happened and I felt it pretty strongly. It seemed long but it was not more than 30 seconds. The house made weird noises. My heart raced.
The earthquake did not wake up the kids.

I checked the USGS' website to get some info - data coming from the USGS' computer showed up a few minutes after the quake - waiting to be reviewed by a geologist.

I imagined the whole area of San Diego and the border shaking. All that land. The forces at work. Like all the houses, roads and buildings are just feathers. The Earth can move all that without any problem.

This morning at 7:16 (San Diego time): all the aftershocks

I am off to the San Diego Art Institute to install my show. I wonder if those buildings are earthquake proof!

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