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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Before leaving San Diego

The computer will be packed shortly. I will try not to miss the canyon too much. I enjoyed it for six years, which is an amazing gift. Life is about changes and I am trying to let go and stop resisting the idea of moving. Let's take it day by day. Everything is fine. Or will be.
Tomorrow, going to San Jose via Highway 1 with the boys. We'll take our time. First stop Santa Barbara.
Forgot to take warm clothes, everything has been packed now.
We'll see.


Kevin Freitas said...

Good luck in San Jose Michele.. somehow, I can't keep feeling it's a perfect fit for the type of work you make.

Eric Meyer said...

Bon voyage Michele et bonne chance sur tes nouvelles terres ! Tu te sentiras certainement très vite comme chez toi. Je te souhaite plein de nouvelles et belles rencontres artistique et humaines !

janela said...

I don't think you wanted me to say this aloud the last time I saw you, but I love you my dear friend, and I'll miss you so much. But I have to agree with those who thing great things are going to happen to you once you embrace your new home. Love the boys for me.
Big Hug, Big Kiss

J and J said...

Michele... tu me manques deja.

Michele Guieu said...

Merci Kevin - But I am curious to know why you say that...

Eric, le voyage de presque trois jours etait super, on est arrives hier apres-midi. Big Sur est magnifique, je comprend que Henri Miller et pas mal d'autres artistes y aient poses leurs valises. Je n'ai fait que passer, mais c'est un lieu terriblement beau. C'etait bien de faire cette route le long de l'ocean, de faire la route entre les deux lieux.

je ne sais pas si je vais me sentir chez moi tres vite! J'ai l'impression que ca ne va pas etre si facile, on verra bien.

Jane, I hope you are right! But you know I did not want more or something better than what I had :)
Thank you for your friendship, the good time we had together, your beautiful texts. I miss you, much love,

Toi aussi! Cette fois, c'est vraiment dur de partir!
J'ai cette image de la petite merveille dans tes bras qui me regarde avec ses grands yeux bleus et qui sourit!

Ellen said...

Aloha Michele! I just found out you are moving! I will miss you and am sorry I didn't get to see you before your departure. I wish you so much joy and creative happiness in your new place! post often, keep us in the loup! sending much love and aloha from Hawaii! Bon Continuation!!!! Ellen

Michele Guieu said...

Merci Ellen! I did not talk a lot about the fact that I was moving, it happened quite fast and I think I was in a sort of denial! :)
I wish you the best for all your projects, it is fantastic that you can spend your time between San Diego and Hawaii, both places inspire your work.
I should come back for a show in December - I'll keep you posted!