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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacancy 3 - photos of the event

Lori Lipsman - front yard
(photo Lori Lipsman)

People are invited to take a print

(the prints are rolled in the fence,
protected by a small plastic bag)

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Michael Ruiz - walkway

Richard Gleaves - somewhere in a tree (not visible!)

David Krimmel - Bike Grain mill
...(photo David Krimmel)

in action!
(photo David Krimmel)

(photo David Krimmel)

Agitprop - Brain Trust (photo Lori Lipsman)

(photo Lori Lipsman)

Richard and Maria ChauDavis - kitchen

"Fridge photos" by Richard ChauDavis (collaborative work)
(photo Lora ChauDavis)

Boxes by Richard ChauDavis
(photo Lora ChauDavis)

Model wrapped in Saran paper
(photo Richard ChauDavis)

in the cupboards, works by Maria ChauDavis
(photo Lora ChauDavis)

Maria and her daughter Lora "baking bread babies"
(photo Lori Lipsman)

Sam Frazier - bedroom

Hall: Community project
Carol Heger Graber, John Anthony Auciello, Hank Gross, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, Ronaldo P., Jfre robot coad, Richard Messenger, Janine Free

Michele Guieu - Bedroom
: "The bedroom series":
26 photos of bedrooms
taken by 26 different people,
each print is 11x19".

Photos of the show, from the right wall to the left wall:

from upper left to lower right: Armando de la Torre,
Ivan Sigg (Paris, France), Lori Lipsman, Janine Free

from upper right to lower right: Guillaume Cherel (Paris, France),
Craig Kane, Richard ChauDavis

from upper left to lower right: Jfre Robot Coad, Wendy and Michael Ruiz,
Richard Gleaves, Christine Freitas

from upper left to lower right: Eric Meyer (Paris, France), Irene Abraham,
Drew Snyder, Andrea Chamberlin

top: Sam Frazier, bottom: Julia and Jean Uitz-Dubranna

from upper left to lower right: Ronaldo P., Katherine Sweetman,
Maura Vazakas, Carol Graber

Janie Altmann, David Krimmel, Michele Guieu, Michael Maas

Apology: I do not have photos of the Armando De la Torre's installation in the bathroom.

Vacancy 3 took place 3670 Villa Terrace in North Park
Sunday, July 11, 2010, from 4 to 8pm.

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