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Monday, July 26, 2010

San Diego - San Jose, via Big Sur

San Simeon State Park

One night near Santa Barbara, and one night in San Simeon. A long drive along Highway One. Mostly grey weather. Empty beaches, giant pine trees, windy road, black rocks, sheer cliffs, dark forests, thick layers of fog. Big Sur displays a harsh beauty which makes me want to go back there soon and read Henry Miller again, one of my favorite writers. We stopped at the Henri Miller memorial library, full of memorabilia, signed posters, paintings, photos, drawings.

Drift wood paradise

Elephant seals colony at Piedras Blancas beach,
near San Simeon

From Hwy 1

Memorial Library

The Henry Miller Library was created by Emil White, a longtime friend of Miller. The Library occupies White's former home and one can still see his name on the mailbox.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park


RG said...

I'm guessing that the portrait of Henry in the library is a Don Bachardy.

Michele Guieu said...

I sent an email to the library. We'll see what they say! (there's a signature on the painting, difficult to read).