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Friday, July 9, 2010

"A different look at the Permanent Collection": The Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art / Thursday, July 8, 2010

It was a great evening, everything went well: the video, the music, the projections, the workshops: Lori Lipsman's and mine, the printing of the t-shirts. In the afternoon before the event, the help to install everything in the museum was fantastic.

When the visitor came to the museum last night they got a ticket to get either a t-shirt or a limited edition print. I wanted to thank people for coming!

The whole concept of what I proposed last night was about revisiting the museum's permanent collection. I took photos of the whole permanent collection, I then transformed all the photos, keeping only some details and working only in black and white.
In the hall, I used the black and white images to make banners to greet the visitors. Although they were 4x12', they did not seem giant in the space but I was happy to see that they fit nicely, they did not seem too small.

video (photo Katherine Sweetman)

Also in the Hall, there was a video projected on the wall. I used the images to make a short 2:45 looped video with transformation of the paintings from white to black and from black to white (I will post it soon).
The group Jivaro was playing in the hall. And it was great to listen to them from the second floor!

Claudia is ready to print!

On the second floor wizard Claudia (Indcision) was printing on the spot black t-shirts with the facade of the museum in white. The image comes from a photo I took and transformed. It was great that people can see the process of printing. Claudia could have print them before, but it was quite magical to pick a t-shirt and to have it printed and dried right away!

Waiting for a t-shirt

Claudia, drying a t-shirt just printed
(photo Katherine Sweetman)

The people could chose between a t-shirt or a limited edition print (limited editions of 10 each on BFK Rives - 30 prints in total). One is the facade of the museum, one is based on "Mandragora" by Diego Rivera, the third one is based on "After many days" by Thomas Hart Benton.

From the entrance to the middle of the gallery:

a gallery of black and white details,

interpretation of the museum's collection.

My workshop took place in Gallery 16. The idea for the people participating to the workshop was to chose a painting which inspires them. To chose a detail or the whole painting and to make an interpretation in black and white of the chosen part. To keep only a few details. They had to draw shapes on a black card stock. Then they could cut the shapes and glue them on a white card stock. I would then take a picture of the person and her piece, in front of the chosen painting.

Talking about the workshop (photo Katherine Sweetman)

People told me it was great to work in that beautiful room, it was a "zen" workshop, engaging and open. I had a great time talking to people about the piece they were making. They were happy to be there and to share the moment.
The quality of the work was amazing and the final "gallery" was really a beautiful piece!

Working with the t-shirt on the shoulder!

Ricardo Messenger's

Wendy Ruiz

Constance Y. White

Margarita Kolostyak

Alexander Jackson

Lori Lipsman

Perry Vasquez

Jesse, from the group Jivaro, working on a piece.

I need photos of the group playing that night!

Ryan Jefferies

Adding a new pieces to the "gallery"

At the end of the evening,
moving the "gallery" from gallery 16 to the hall.

Thanks to Stephen Curry and Michael Ruiz!

The "gallery" hanging from the second floor

At 8:00pm, the outside projection started, on both sides of the museum facade. I ran the same power point but in reverse order, to always have different images facing each other.

The event ended at 9:30. It took some time to put things away and I went back home tired and happy! Thank you Alexander Jarman (SDMA) and David White (Agitprop) for this great opportunity to use the wonderful space of the San Diego Museum of Art and to experiment something different, challenging and exciting!

The Summer Salon Series
The San Diego Museum of Art
Every Thursday during the summer, from 5 to 9pm.
1450 El Prado
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
(619) 232-7931

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