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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Discovering the Area

Last Saturday: my very first crossing of the Golden Gate bridge.
Next time I'll walk!

Muir Beach

Lots of beautiful places around San Fransisco and the bay. But lots of people too - in places like Muir Woods National Monument! We arrived there around 11:00am and the parking lots were all full, which did not gave us the desire to really wait to get a spot. Too many people!
We went to Muir Beach instead, a few miles away and we enjoyed a quiet space and wonderful sights of the Pacific ocean.

Hiking on the coastal trail, heading to Pirate Cove

Stintson Beach


At the end of the afternoon, following highway One, we went to Stintson beach and Bolinas. In my French guide it is said that people from Bolinas remove the road signs so that the tourists cannot find the village easily. And it seems to be true! No signs around. But it's not too difficult with a map!

Bolinas and Bolinas Lagoon, Wharf Road

Where Bolinas Lagoon meets Bolinas Bay

Bolinas Beach


A stop in Sausalito. Watching the marine layer coming down the hill.
On the way back, it was bumper to bumper on the Golden Gate bridge, reminding me of the Sunday nights on the highway, coming back to Paris.

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