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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gringos Living in Tijuana by Katherine Sweetman

Very interesting 15 minutes, I cannot wait to see the feature-length version. What a great idea! A very much needed fresh look at Tijuana.

This is a 15 minute version of a feature-length documentary

"Gringos Living in Tijuana" provides a glimpse into the lives of seven, very unusual inhabitants of the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Derrik, Gerda, Jodi, Jason, Michael, Iana, and Jenny are not Hispanic, and they don't exactly appear as though they would "blend in" in the Mexican border town that has been called one the most dirty and dangerous cities of North America. Yet this film follows these gringos, in their daily activities, while they show and explain why they chose to live in the city they love-- Tijuana.
Katherine Sweetman

Screening at La Casa delTunel, Tijuana - coming soon

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