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Monday, August 2, 2010

Week One in Sunnyvale

At the park

I unpacked lots of boxes. But not all of them.

Saw an inspiring movie about the Space Telescope Hubble at the Imax (The Tech Museum in San Jose). Unbelievable pictures of nebulae...
Learned that Hubble was constructed in Sunnyvale.

At the Tech Museum

Got lost driving in a maze of highways.

Watched the squirrels make the pears fall in the back yard.

Saw "Toy Story 3", the best of the 3 in my opinion, but I love them all. This one is as funny as it is sad, an amazing tale about childhood, end of childhood and loss. Really rich and surprising, visually extremely enjoyable. Rated 99% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, my favorite site about movies' reviews! It is a pleasure to go see that kind of movies with the boys, we can talk about them, they have questions and they have the answers too!

Read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy (in French - hope the translation is good), after I found it in a box of books. I remembered that my mom left it on the shelf in my bedroom in San Diego a month ago, saying "I leave it here for you, you'll see, it is beautiful but very very hard to read." I did not find it hard to read - I could not stop reading it - but it is very very dark. A savage odyssey.

Watched the boys sleep that night.

McCarthy says in an interview that all the dialogues in the book between the father and his young son are real. They are dialogues he and his son had when his son was the boy's age in the book. And they sound like the dialogues about life and death I have with my sons too.

Questions the kids often
ask, things they want to know. But in the book, in a post-Apocalypse world, they resonate in a heartbreaking way. This is a tragic and beautiful book, there is not a lot of hope but this relationship between a father and a son taking place when there is nothing left around them but desolation, is one of the most moving I've ever read.

Barry McGee / Untitled (1996-2009)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres / "Untitled" (1992/1993)
offset print on paper

Very First time in San Fransisco. Visited the SFMOMA (as a member!), ate in Chinatown, in a very small place on the second floor. Lots of walking. Marine layer, wind, sun. Sparkling sidewalks. Way too many people around Pier 39 - it reminded me of some days in Paris with the crowd everywhere.
Excellent bread - the kind which is not so easy to find in France!

Eager to start working. Spent Sunday organizing the garage to have a place to work. Will have to put up some dry walls. All the paintings have been boxed so everything takes much more space.

I live here now.

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Lori said...

Congratulations!! Welcome to the Bay Area. It's got an energy all it's own.