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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are My/Your Intentions Good?

There is a nasty thread of comments going on right now on the San Diego Union Tribune's blogs after an article was published by Joe Nalven about the show I am participating in, "What Women Want". I understand that one can disagree with Nalven's views. I am disappointed myself in not finding much writing about the art in the article. But the thread of comments is pretty saddening. Anyone trying to calm things down is shot immediately by harsh words. So, not wanting to be shot and not wanting to be part of the destructive game, I will not respond to it. The only thing the thread is doing is breeding hatred.

I cannot stand nasty threads of comments. And by the way, I cannot stand hidden identities either. Someone who has something to say should sign with her/his name - specially if the comment is negative.

This morning when I check my news feed in Facebook, the first post I read was this one:

Dalai Lama: "As human beings we possess determination and intelligence, the combination of which offers many opportunities. It is important to direct our intelligence with good intentions. Without intelligence, we cannot accomplish very much. Without good intentions, the way we exercise of our intelligence may have destructive results.

Something to really think about.

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Lori said...

Michele, very nicely put.