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Thursday, March 17, 2011

URGENCY and SIZE MATTERS at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Mike Rathbun, Urgency, 2011,
Exhibition detail, Wood

The installation "Urgency"
Mike Rathbun is in a room by itself. In the adjacent room is installed the group exhibition "Size Matters". One piece echoes "Urgency" beautifully: "Long Time" by Terry Berlier. The way both pieces take the space over, the slickness and simplicity of the material, the evocation of an ancient mystery, of an archeological treasure, bones or maybe the dry structure of some cacti. Urgency is growing from underneath the base of the installation, going up to the ceiling. It takes the whole room, almost, and one has to go around along a path. "Long time" is suspended and feels weightless. One can go around easily and even underneath it.
I was under the spell of those two pieces and unfortunately I did not really "see" the rest of the show. I have to go back there!

Terry Berlier: Long Time
Plywood, monofilament

on the wall: Ian Harvey + Koo Kyung Sook,
Figure 2, 2007,
Enamel and shellac on paper, 112 x 132 inches

artists in "Size Matters"
Terry Berlier, Kevin B. Chen, Dalton Ghetti, Dana Harel, Ian Harvey, Koo Kyung Sook, Elaine Ling, Eamon MacMahon, Klari Reis, Christina Seely, Gail Wight.

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)
560 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113 408.283.8155

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