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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Fort

For a few weeks, I videotaped a group of children building a "fort" on the school lawn. It started when the playground they used to play in was tore down for reconstruction and they were looking for something else to do. One of my sons talked to me about the fort (constructed for the fairies), and after school I went to see it. The following day I brought my camera and my video camera. The children "let me in", did not seem to notice me much after a while. I watched them building the fort, and talking to each other.

Their world is definitely quite extraordinary. I am trying to do this (documenting what they are doing) as often as possible, by just being there, with them, and taking pictures and video footage.
I know it will eventually go away, disappear.
But may be not completely.

Watching them definitely questions my own art practice. The making of things. The desire. The will. The poetry.

I've made this video on the occasion of an assignment (a short documentary) I had in my video class with Pr. R.J. Ward at Foothill College.


dsiembieda said...

I am clapping my hands to show that I believe in Fairies!

Michele Guieu said...

Let's hope they will get removed from the endangered species list soon!

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff.....

Anonymous said...

Oh what a nice project, I love the story of the fairies.
What a beautiful age!!!! a real story taler your son.
Michele what a great idea to video tape those precious moments....


Michele Guieu said...

Merci Claire-Lise! I learned a lot about fairies, I had no idea.

I videotape them quite a lot actually, I always ask them. Sometimes they are OK with the idea, sometimes they are not. But when they are, I can videotape them and it almost seems like if I were not there.

They like this video, they chose the music (they love that song, there is a small creature in the video that they adore).

I really enjoy doing this: documenting what I am witnessing.