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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waiting for my Car

Yesterday I went to a body shop in San Jose - where one of our cars is being repaired - to sign some papers. Oddly, when I left the place, my car's thermostat went suddenly to the maximum, the car got the hiccups, and some white smoke appeared from underneath the front hood. I drove very slowly to the closest car repair which, by chance, was a block away, and asked the person who was working there if he could do something (I really thought it was the end of my old car). He looked in the motor and told me that the thermostat had died and that he could replace it within a couple of hours. And it would not be more than $65 (that was the good news). He said the closest coffee place was 4 lights away, a 30 minutes walk. I was in a sort of industrial zone, body shops, furniture and tiles shops were abundant, but not much else (a few old motels). I decided to walk to the coffee place and back, and to take my time. As always I had my camera and my video with me, but I decided to take some pictures with my phone. Just notes. In the end it was interesting to be in a place where I would not have otherwise stopped and to just walk around.


Lori said...

thanks for sharing

Jane is a said...

I was going to do a photography book once of old motels, especially ones with really cool signs. I could do that now, couldn't I!?

Michele Guieu said...

I see a road trip in the near future!
Go for it Jane -