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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Behind the Glass

I took that picture February 13, 2011, and published it in this blog Monday, March 7.

March 8, I wrote in my comments: "I am very intrigued by them [the gloves] and definitely want to do more - may be a video. "
March 9, Jane wrote: "Black gloves video!? I'll wait for the video and keep the mystery alive!"

March 11, the 9.0 earthquake struck Japan and the nuclear accident happened. I was working on a video assignment. I suddenly changed the subject I was working on. I decided to do something with my own images about what I was feeling. It is very hard to put words on what happened and it is hard to put images too.
But here it is, a short video made with video footage taken after the disaster happened.
I added some photos I took recently, prior to the events.

I went back to videotape the black gloves.

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