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Monday, March 7, 2011

Snapshots from Around


Jane is a said...

I never found a good time to call you back this weekend, my dear friend! We are having homework issues these days that spill into our non-school days, you know how it goes. I treasure the small time that we got to talk on Friday.

Just want to say that I love all of these photos--keep them coming!--but the gloves in the sink, for some reason, just took my breath away.

Much love--

Michele Guieu said...

Hey Jane, thanks! It was really nice to talk to you and yes, let's do that again soon!
Should I tell you where I saw the black gloves? If I do, will I spoil their mysteriousness?
I am very intrigued by them and definitely want to do more - may be a video.
Miss you!

Jane is a said...

Black gloves video!? I'll wait for the video and keep the mystery alive!