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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Day in L.A. (part two):
Culver City Art Walk

Visiting Studio II - Washington Blvd.

Once we arrive at Culver City for the art walk, we park next to Café Surfas on Washington Blvd. We decide to eat before to start visiting the galleries. It is difficult to choose between the “Redefined Sandwiches”, the “Reinvented Salads” and the “Renowned Cheese”… We wait a long time in line but it is worth it: I get a tasty Roasted Tomato Panini loaded with Talegio Cheese and balsamic marinated figs… with a refreshing pomegranate/lime juice. Everybody takes something different and we also have some little finger food to share: we are spoiled!

After that we start our walk along Washington Blvd, and we visit a dozen of spaces and galleries including Studio II and the MODAA.

Studio Two presents “Converging gestures of lines and texture”, the work of four artists. The space reminds me of my first studio in Paris where I shared a warehouse with other artists: we had no windows, only the zenithal light from the partially glass covered roof. I remember the feeling of claustrophobia I had then. I remember one of my neighbors, a very sweet and soft spoken young Japanese artist, was working with tons of dried tiny fish, his own feces (which he sealed in blocks of resin), and other strange material.

Michael Kalish at MODAA

At the MODAA, we see an exhibition by Michael Kalish. Apparently Kalish is known for his portraits of iconic American personalities. Here, he presents a large series of big flowers made of recycled auto parts. I find it intriguing, much more than his portraits (some of them are in the show). I find the idea of the oversized flowers made of a very sturdy piece of modern trash an interesting idea.

At Koplin Del Rio we see an exhibition by D.J.Hall: “Full Circle”. The large square painting “Gigle”, representing two middle age woman, is my favorite. After reading the artist’s resume I am even more interested in her work. “The paintings investigate how time and memory (stimulated by seeing a particular cast of light/shadow, or feeling a summer breeze carrying a blossom's scent) can immediately and viscerally project us back to someone and somewhere we once knew.”

(part three is coming!)

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