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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Masking tape, grass, paper and telephone

My children are working on “something” on the deck behind the house. They are using a lot of masking tape. Not a long time ago, my mother asked me what she could send for a birthday present to one of the boys. I said: “Rolls of masking tape in different colors, I am not kidding, they love it – and they use a lot of it”.

This morning, before to leave the house, Harper went to the recycling bin in the kitchen and grabbed a plastic container for strawberries and an empty bottle. "It's for the sculpture I want to make today at school".

On our way to school (Harper has a letter-size recycled paper in his hands):
- Mom, do you know how to make a telephone with a piece of paper?
- Hmm, I never tried.
- it is very easy. You want to know how?
- of course!
- look! You have to look (we are walking, we stop). You take a piece of paper, you fold it here, and here and here, and look, you have a telephone! (He puts the phone on his ear, his face is illuminated, we laugh together.)

1 comment:

Ivan Sihh said...

I like these simple visions
life and lough
child is acting, not thinking
an explosion of creativity
it is just new with no comparison