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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New Children’s Museum / downtown San Diego

The New Children’s Museum

We went back to the New Children’s Museum and this time we got in and it was not crowded at all. The architecture is very open, on three levels. There is a lot of space and a beautiful natural light coming from everywhere. Immense doors are open on outside patios: the space feels great.

The children are like in a candy store. Suspended vacuum cleaners play harmonica, one can run here and write on walls, paint and build things, play with clay and make bubbles, climb walls, listen to the rain falling on a roof, have a party (for one or two) in a Porta-Party. Each activity has been conceived by one or more contemporary artist, 19 in total, some are established, some are emerging. I would love to participate to a project like that!

One of the places the children prefer is the pillow fight room, covered with mattresses and filled with tires-like pillows. The children pile up the tires, disappear inside crumbling towers of tires head first, bury themselves, scream, run, fall and never seem to get enough! The climbing wall covered with graffiti is a real success too.
But soon it is 4:00 and the museum closes. We still have a lot to discover. When we leave I get the membership for the family. We will be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sold! I think we are going to have ot go with you very soon. Robert is always asking for clay!