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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ray at night (part 2): Acamonchi at Rubber Rose

"Finesse, Darling Finesse", a show by Gerardo Yepiz (aka Acamonchi)
at Rubber Rose Gallery

I arrive at the Rubber Rose gallery and it is full of people. The gallery has dark wood paneled walls and Acamonchi’s artwork contrasts nicely on them. He presents a series of “tres chic works”, as he named them.

I saw Acamonchi the first time in 2006 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, on the occasion of the exhibition: “Strange New World: Art and Design From Tijuana”. I loved the exhibition for its energy and its creativity. But the most exciting thing was that Acamonchi came to the family day that month!

Gerardo Yepiz, Family day, june 2006
at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCASD), La Jolla

The family day is a very interesting event organized on an irregular basis at the museum. Children and their parents can enjoy activities related to the ongoing exhibition. Acamonchi came with his sprays paint cans, his stencils, brushes, markers and made a t-shirt to all the kids who came that day – then the kids could also make a t-shirt on their own. It was great to see him working, using all sorts of different techniques, and doing it fast. I really appreciate that he came. The program is always nice but it is extremely rare that an artist participating in the ongoing exhibition at the MCASD comes to the family day. I do not forget that day, I still have the t-shirts of course and some nice pictures.

I visited his website many times. And he was one of the first artists I got as a “friend” on MySpace. He is very active on his page and posts all sorts of pictures and bulletins. So I knew about the exhibition at the Rubber Rose. I sent him an invitation for my exhibition at the SDAI.

Me and Gerardo!

I see him in the gallery, talking to people, very nice, very cool. I enjoy staying and looking at each piece. I really like the pieces on floating paper. His work is generous, full of “stuff”: cat, nurses, paint sprays, outlines, brush strokes, road signs, cars, patterns, structures, tools and much more. I take some pictures. Then I decide to go see him. He recognizes me (I wonder how – may be the little self-portrait on MySpace page) and we talk for a while. I tell him I am very enthusiastic about his work!

When I go back home I google all the names of the artists participating in the Art Tapout at Agitprop and I really find Zuri Water’s work very interesting. I add his website to my list of links!

Excellent night!

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