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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A series of Monotypes / Artifact Gallery

Rio Grande, monotype on paper,
Santa Fe, NM, 2000, image size: 26"x17"


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I am very glad to participate to "Abstraction at Artifact", a group show where I have a series of monotypes I made in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2000. In a solo show I had in Paris before leaving France, I shown a series of monotypes made in Santa Fe in 1999. The ones which will be exhibited at Artifact Studio has never been exhibited before. After the solo exhibition in Paris in 2000, I left France, I moved a lot for a few years, and did not show my work for a while. Then I started a new series of work. For years the monotypes stayed in a nice box.

Not a long time ago, after a couple of friends in Santa Fe decided to buy some monotypes after seeing a few of them on my website, I decided to take the box out and take pictures of all them to send pictures to my friends. Then I put a series of the photos on my website. And although the images are very small, they were noticed by Lauren Carrera, the owner of Artifact, whom I met a few weeks ago. She asked me to show her some monotypes and then decided to include a series of them in her upcoming show: "Abstracted at Artifact".

I went to New Mexico to visit archeological sites, to see the Native American petroglyphs and to enjoy the landscapes. I was lucky enough to be accepted as an artist to work freely at the Printmaking Center in the College of Santa Fe, in an excellent environment (nice settings, excellent paper, very good quality inks) and with very nice and knowledgeable people. I shared the studio for weeks at a time, in 1999 and 2000, working at my rhythm, sometimes late at night.

A few words about the process:
I created this series of monotypes with a set of plastic plates of identical size. The process allows to separate the colors and obtain layered images. First I paint an image on each plate. Then I put one plate after another under a press, on the same piece of paper. Because the plates are not engraved, it is possible to reuse them endlessly to create new images. I do not clean the plate before painting another image, therefore one can see "ghosts" sometimes: an image printed for the second time on a different print, but much lighter (there is almost no ink left on the plate). Once the process is complete, the original images painted on the plates has been transferred to the paper.

Artifact Studio in South Park - entrance

Abstraction at Artifact
opening reception Saturday, October 4, from 6 to 9pm.

Artists: Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg, Warren Backley, Sue Bakley, Joseph Bennett, Jennifer Bennett, Lauren Carrera, Rod Engel, Stacie Greene, Michele Guieu, Anna Stump, Gerry Thiebolt, Maura Vazakas.

Artifact Studio

2234 30th Street (South Park)

(619) 972 3727

1 comment:

Kevin Freitas said...

Thought your monotypes Michele, we're some of the best works in the show. Otherwise, I'm a little disappointed compared to the previous show at Artifact which I thought was better installed and had a higher calibre of work. "Abstraction" was way over hung, jumbled, and blended stylistically too well as to disappearing completely - bland...