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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tout va Bien

Guillaume Cherel is going back to France tomorrow, his trip is ending and his blog on Liberation's website, too. J'espere que nos chemins se croiseront a nouveau.

My mother and her friend left yesterday. They went back to France too, after three short weeks spent with us in San Diego. On their luggages: travel labels signed "Rebelle" - made especially for them. There is something I will talk about in a few days that I asked Rebelle to make for someone in France. I cannot talk about it before the person gets it!

I took the kids again to the doctor tonight, we left at 6:00 and came back at 8:30. It is the beginning of the school year and they get easily sick after a summer outdoor. At the last minute I had to cancel the meeting about the DADA diner I am organizing with my SDVAN partners. And I canceled the babysitter too.

I am still working on how I will frame the series of monotypes I will show at the gallery Artifact in South Park in a few weeks. I saw different framers, they talked to me about all sorts of different material and of course everything is expensive... I went everywhere.
I am very excited to show that series because it represents an important step on my path. I had a lot of pleasure working on the series in a place which means a lot to me: Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a special time, and the series is, indeed, very special to me.

In the show at Old Town Gallery inTustin, organized by Patrick Merrill, "Left, right and Center", all the prints will be push pinned on the wall, I like that idea. Speaking about that, I went many times to Kinko's where I printed the two black and white pieces on the cheapest paper. At last I have what I need now and I will be able to ship them soon. Now I am building a special box because the prints have to be rolled - but not tightly - , and I cannot find a tube large enough. So I am making this heavy duty box made of cardboard from a refrigerator I found at a warehouse - by the way it is a very interesting warehouse at grant Street and Sherman Street off of Morena Boulevard in San Diego - they usually have huge cardboards.

Today, at noon, I installed the show "War Days" with Jack Wade at the Cygnet Theatre on El Cajon Blvd: 9 paintings inspired by the Iraq war. It did not take long and I was on time at the school to pick-up the kids. I think it looks good, I really like the idea that the show is in conjunction with the play "Dying City" - which I will go see.

A picture of the (one night!) show at the Union Bank during Ray at Night last Saturday. I shown a series of ten fairly large paintings. At first I did not like the idea to have the paintings on easels but the bank has no wall. Because he space is so big, it nice to be able to see the series with a lot of room around. I like the idea to create a "wall of paintings". I do not have a photo with the whole series.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 I have the oath ceremony, I am becoming an American citizen!
I will take the form N-445 that I filled, my resident card and my immigration documents with me. I will go there alone, it is weird but it's like that. I am happy anyway, it should be the end of a complicated journey and also I will be able to vote for the first time here.

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