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Monday, September 8, 2008

"It's all about process": Larry Caveney at the Garage

The Garage

Saturday afternoon I went to see Larry Caveney's newest work at the Garage, his own gallery on Alabama Street. It was very interesting to listen to him talking about his work. There was people coming in and out all the time. And so I met Maura Vazakas, who participated in the Obama '08: Art for Change show at the Art of Framing. She also participated in the las Garage's show, which was all about drawings. I also met Rick Hargraves (check his photos and drawings on his facebook's page), Jessica McCambly and John Oliver Lewis. John and Jessica will participate in the next show: it will be about installations "in the corners" of the gallery. As Larry was talking to Jessica, I decided to take a short film of their conversation.

The Garage
141 Alabama Street #4

San Diego, California 92104

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