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Sunday, September 14, 2008

KAI ONE (Josh Flood) talks about "Urban Detritus"

Work in progress in the gallery

Thursday, September 11, I decided to go see KAI ONE working on the installation of his show at Art Produce Gallery in North Park. I was there around 9:30. Kai was just starting working but he had already worked a lot the previous days. I did not want to bother him but I was very curious to see the work in progress and to ask him about what "Urban Detritus"-his how at Art Produce- is about. I am impressed by the work, the energy Kai puts in it, the very unique way he mixes the elements which make his vocabulary. I don't know much about his story but through some writings I read I can sense that his life so far (and he is only in his mid-twenties) has not been a quiet journey.
I took some short videos. Here are two of them.

The twins towers are a recurrent theme
in Kai's newest work.

One of Kai's sketch books

On the left, two of Kai's fanzines,
on the right Colossus of The Roads' "memoir"

Urban Detritus
KAI ONE & Kevin Freitas
September 13 - October 12
Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

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