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Monday, March 10, 2008

I am getting there

Ingrid Betancourt, 36"x48", 2008 (detail)

In about three months it is the opening of my solo exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute.

All the work is pretty much ready. I still have to decide between some pieces. The space will not be huge and I don’t want the walls to look full. I looked at all the pieces together, paintings and prints, and it works. But although the work is very recent, it has different moods: some pieces have more layers than others, some are more transparent than others some have text and some have not. There are people but also a big empty landscape. My family and some friends are there and so is Ingrid Betancourt, the woman kidnapped by the FARC, who is still a captive somewhere in the Colombian forest. Some people are recognizable, some are silhouettes…

I am very excited to see all those pieces together in a show!

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