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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Pacific Ocean

Pacific Beach this morning - from the pier

This morning I went to Pacific Beach. I wanted to see the ocean. I do that sometimes. It’s only a few minutes drive from the house. I was there around 11:00. I walked from Garnet Avenue to the Crystal Pier. There were not many people: two fishermen, a couple of lovers. A few pigeons were walking along the fence. The pier was gently rocking because of the swell. The sky was very clear. On the right of the pier some surfers were calmly waiting for good waves, sitting on their boards. I stayed there, looking around and then looking west. There is no land for thousands of miles in that direction…

Then I walked to the beach. The noise of the waves was loud, covering even the screams of the birds. The wind, coming from the South, was chilly. The tide was going down, leaving on the beach long and thin streams of white foam, and piles of dark and amber seaweeds. The wet sand was reflecting the light and the whole landscape was bright, almost white. A few people were walking on the beach. The wind, the light, the waves and the mind blowing scale of the landscape were powerful and impressive. And I was completely at peace.

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