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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ogre

Last night my youngest son declared he wanted to be Mulgarath (the ogre in The Spiderwick Chronicles). Mulgarath is pretty spiky and looks like an old tree. My son immediately started taping Lego elements on his pajamas. He chose a lot of pointy pieces and he was done in no time. After that he said he was ready to hear the story of Spiderwick, sat on the couch and waited for my husband to come and read the story to him and his brother. He kept his costume for dinner. Then I proposed to him to change his pajamas to go to bed and we kept the other pajamas with all the Lego pieces taped on them.

This morning he was playing with his Lego before to go to school. When I said it was time to go, he came and asked me to tape “claws” on his fingers. He found - on a big Lobster Lego he has - claw-like pieces, dark red, two inches long each. And here I was, at 8:20, trying not to think about the clock, taping the claws, one by one on his little fingers. When we were done, he was ready to go, with a huge smile on his face. At school, the claws were removed promptly after I left but he asked me to re-tape them immediately after school. Which I did.

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