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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Matt Wedel: Polar bears, cat and landscape

Entrance of the gallery

Matt Wedel: polar bears, cat and landscape
Spacecraft studio, North Park, San Diego.

Last night I went to Spacecraft in North Park. I am always very interested by what I see there. They only present a few pieces. And the space, although not huge and divided in two rooms, feels always good.

I am greeted at the entrance by a gentle silvery monster: “Lion”, a big ceramic piece with six heads, and the cheerful and strange song by Ringo Star “Octopus’s Garden” which immediately makes me feel great!

Flower tree (detail)

Then I discover the other works, all ceramics, and two gouaches on paper. First a big colorful flower tree and then a much smaller tree. They make me think about cacti and succulents but they are something else too because no cacti or succulent look like that.

Matt Wedel with "Polar bears"

In the other room I am immediately attracted by “Polar bears”, a very sweet piece, with two polar bears almost hugging each other, obviously they are not fighting. The white of their fur is very milky and soft. Their feet are on a piece of blue iceberg.

Another little tree is in this room too, and two little gouaches on paper pinned on the wall. I am very excited to see this work, I feel like a child, it makes me happy and warms my heart. I think that work is very true and very personal. It feels fresh and generous and at the same time very strong. I want to come back with my children, they have to see it. I talk to Christopher Puzio; he is very enthusiastic about Matt Wedel’s work, his eyes sparkle when he talks, Matt is lucky to have someone who believes so much in his work. I can feel a strong relationship and I love that. He introduces me to Matt Wedel. His attitude is relaxed with no ostentation, I can see his determination, he is soft spoken and attentive. I say I like the picture on the invitation but the piece is not here and he says he chose the image because he likes that piece, even if it is not in the show. He talks about the inspiration he finds in landscapes, cacti and succulents, how he transforms all that to go somewhere else.

I do not wish to compare to other artists, to find the influences, I am just there, enjoying what I am seeing, the gallery is full with good vibes and that’s all that counts.

Thank you Matt Wedel!

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