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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair @ The Grand Del Mar: some photos of the event

(copyright The Grand Del mar)

So it happened. Despite the difficulties of the times and the uncertainty in the economics: the very first "Beyond The Border Contemporary Art Fair" took place in San Diego in September 2009. Precisely at the Grand Del Mar, a luxury resort. The fact that it happened, is in itself very impressive, and for a first shot it was a good one.

There were 50 booths, including 8 booths dedicated to spotlight artists: Tomas Rivas, Michael Arata, Iana Quesnell, Hoon Kwak, Gale Fulton Ross, Jose Ricketts, Miguel Cordera and Sophie Matisse.

Kim McConnel, Brian Dick and May-Lynn Martinez represented the San Diego Art Prize in the SDVAN booth. You will find here what Patricia Frischer wrote about the art fair in her A + Art blog.

The interesting crossing of lines between the walls and the impossible-to-miss carpet!
All in all, A LOT of paintings were presented!

"The Poetics of Genealogy": Iana Quesnell's project on the stage of the theatre inside the Grand Del mar, where the contemporary art fair took place. Unfortunately I missed Iana and her mom during the performance - Iana was drawing on a white paper on the table and her mom was sewing (the small table on the left with the lamp). I hope it was recorded!

Spotlight Exhibit: "The Bird Series Project" by Paint Night Group (30 artists)

Beyond The Border International Contemporary Art Fair
September 2-4, 2009, San Diego
Ann Berchtold / Executive Director

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