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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iana Quesnell / Moving Point: Contemporary Drawing in Southern California @ William D. Cannon Art Gallery

Four of the six drawings by Iana Quesnell
shown at Cannon Gallery

I am an aficionado of Iana Quesnell's work. I do not think I missed one of her shows since I first saw her work at the MCASD in La Jolla in 2007 (Cerca Series). I did not go to CECUT in Tijuana to see her installation with the penciled walls and the long white tablecloth, "Limited Difusos", but I saw the video at UCSD. Quesnell lives and works in Tijuana. She teaches Foundations and Form, a sculpture class in the undergraduate Visual Arts department at USD.

Her work shown at the Cannon Gallery, which consists in a series of 6 drawings (pencil on paper), stroke me as the most interesting work in the show, it is almost like her drawings were glowing.

I love Belt and Silva's work. But Belt's work feels cold when I see Quesnell's work close to his, although the way he uses the space is stunning and the details are exquisite. I could feel the strength of Silva's work, but could not dive into it.

Quesnell's series is based on images taken of the burros painted as zebras one can see on Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana, with images of the gods and goddesses of the pre-colonial Mexico
in the background. Iana is pictured in each image, sitting on a different burro, smiling and wearing each time a different sombrero.
The photos I took are not good, I encourage you to go see the drawings to enjoy them!

"Bonita Lucy"

"Cisco Kid"

"Drunk Again"

"Sexy Girl, Monica"

"Oh Boy! Barney"

"Pancho Villa, Ruben"

For those who do not know about the touristic attraction Iana Quesnell is picturing in her drawings, here's an image:

Courtesy Felixe

"Moving Point: Contemporary Drawing in Southern California"
August 30, November 1rst, 2009

Karen McGuire, Curator of Exhibitions

Adam Belt
Joseph Biel
Tom Morgan
Enjeong Noh
Iana Quesnell
William Riley
Ernest Silva
Pat Warner

William D. Cannon Art Gallery
Carlsbad City Library Complex
1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92011
(760) 602 2021

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