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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open Call for Artists and Curators to Submit Proposals to the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, California

Here's a very interesting proposition from the TAM!

The Torrance Art Museum is Pleased to Announce an Open Call for Artists and Curators to Submit Proposals.
This is an Ongoing an Endeavor to Collaborate and Interact With Outside Curators and Professionals Worldwide.

To this end we would like to invite artists and curators (or anyone else for that matter) to present project proposals to the TAM. Our feeling is that, as a smaller museum of contemporary art, our strength lies in our ability to react to moments in art quickly (for a museum) and efficiently, within a limited budget.

TAM should be an artist’s museum, a curator’s museum and our audience’s museum for active engagement – so if this strikes a chord with you then feel free to send proposals to us. We will respond to them all and will shortlist those that we respond the strongest to (whatever that subjectively means) and try to schedule a number of these for the 2011/2012 programming.

We make no claims for this being an original idea, nor innovative, nor groundbreaking and we have no real idea how this experiment will succeed or fail but we feel it is worth finding out - so…proposals on a disc please to:

Torrance Art Museum
c/o Max Presneill, Curator
3320 Civic Center
Torrance, CA 90503, USA

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