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Monday, September 7, 2009

The books I brought back from France

I brought back some treasures from France, mostly books. Also a few slides taken in Africa years ago which I found at my mom's, a few portraits of my father during a mission in the Saharan desert, and two rings made of brightly colored glass I bought on a small market in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, near Nice. Here are the books (from left to right and top to bottom):

"Soulfood Equatoriale", Leonora Miano,
Exquis d'ecrivains, NIL Editions.
This book is a gift from my friend Fredo, on the occasion of our gathering with the students of our class from when we were in high school in Dakar, Senegal. She gave this book to each of us. Although the book does not talk specifically about Senegal, it is an incredible journey through Africa's food, recipes, smells, tales and modern life, spiced with funny stories about sex and food.
I had the good surprise to see that the design of the cover, which I found beautiful when I saw the book, was made by Philippe Apeloig, a long time friend, one of the best graphic designer I know.

"Les Hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes"
("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"),

from the Millenium Trilogy,
Stieg Larsson, Actes noirs, Actes Sud Editions.
A book my sister was reading when I was in France and she was completely hooked. I bought it at CDG airport on my way back. An arrowing investigation about the unsolved
disappearance of a teenager. I cannot wait to read the second one: "The Girl Who played with Fire".

"Caravane", Jorge Zentner, Bernard Olivie, Svart,
La Boite a Bulles Editions.
A beautifully illustrated story taking place in the Saharan Desert. A book given by my cousin Serge the day before I flew back. On the inside, he wrote: "Partir ici ou la-bas, rester ici ou la, mais toujours voyager" ("Going here or there, staying here or there, but always travelling"). The story happens mostly at night, the contrasts between colors are soft. The book reminds me of the unbelievable nights I spent with my family under the desert's sky in the Sahara. The moon and the stars, the softness of the sand, the campfire, the shadows made by the rocks and the figures we could see...
A time when the landscape was not completely scorched by the sun.

"L'Art dans la Nature", Blaisine Cartellier
A gift from my aunt Blaisine. On the occasion of an exhibition of her work, she self-published the book, she is 80. It is beautifully done, alternating her inks on paper, the poems she wrote and the photos her husband took. It is a celebration of the landscapes and the plants of a place she goes to very often and loves: the Alpes de Haute-Provence and Mont Dauphin.
Merci et bravo!

catalog of the exhibition, Centre George Pompidou, 2009.
I saw the exhibition in Paris. Crowded of course. Great to see all those works together. I've been more touched and interested by his early work.

"Elles@Centre Pompidou",
catalog of the exhibition, Centre George Pompidou, 2009.
A documented catalog about the exhibition, showing artworks from female artists in the collection of the Centre Pompidou, from 1900 to present. A "must see" exhibition. I am happy to have the catalog here with me!

"Michael Adams Gallery, Silkscreen Catalogue",
Editions Australes LTEE.
Another book given by Fredo. She loves the Seychelles, she went there many times in two decades, bringing back magical photos. She met artist Michael Adams, who lives there, years ago. His work is colorful, fresh and goes back and forth between dreams and reality. Fredo bought several pieces through the years and I always like the surprise to discover a new one when I go to her place, in the south of France.

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