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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News from "Trade Show / California-Turkey", now showing in Istanbul

At Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Anna Stump, artist and curator (on the left),
presents the Trade Show project during the opening,
Isik University.

Anna Stump, organizer and curator of "Trade Show/California-Turkey" sent photos from the opening night which was yesterday in Istanbul, at Isik University. Anna says it was a great success! I do not know exactly how many artists in total (from Turkey and from California) participated to the project, but it is a lot.
It's nice to think that all the paintings made in California traveled to Turkey to be shown there and vice-versa.

At the Garage, in San Diego

Trade Show / California-Turkey was first on view at The Garage in July 2009
The Garage
4141 Alabama Street #4
San Diego, CA

more info here about the show

Then the show traveled to L.A., at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in August 2009.

Edgar Varela Fine Arts
542 S. Alameda Street, 2nd floor

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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