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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

John Oliver Lewis and Kim McConnel @ Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista

I had the pleasure to see a beautiful show and to discover a very nice gallery space. I unfortunately missed the artists' talk (in fact, I could have bring the kids but I hesitated). I heard it was packed during the talk - but it was not recorded!
Here are some photos I took.

John Oliver Lewis/ New Work

John Oliver Lewis, "Cocoa Arch", 2009,
ceramic, acrylic, 29"x21"x7"

In the background: "Creases Pieces", 2009,
acrylic latex on wall, 11'x25'

John Oliver Lewis and "Big Diet Pink", 2009,
ceramic, acrylic, 38"x22"x12"

"Big Diet Pink" (detail)

"Plen-t-pack", 2009, ceramic,
acrylic, 24"x21"x11"

"Macho Mallow", 2009,
ceramic, acrylic, 28"x21"x8"

"Arctic Chunk", 2009,
ceramic, acrylic, 20"x20"x7"

Kim McConnel / Abstracts

Small Abstracts, 2009,
Acrylic with marble dust on canvas, 23.5"x23.5" each

Abstracts, 2009,
Acrylic with marble dust on canvas
, 46"x46" each

John Oliver Lewis and Kim McConnel
From September 3 to September 30, 2009

Southwestern College Art Gallery
Arts & Communication
Room 0710B
Chula Vista, CA (619) 216-6605


Anonymous said...

Such awesome photos of his work! Looks great!

Michele Guieu said...

Thanks ! (I guess you are talking about the photos I took from John Oliver Lewis' work - It was more difficult to take pictures of Kim McConnel's.)