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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Billboard Art Project in Nashville, April 2: Images

All Photos: The Billboard Art Project

The Billboard Art Project posted some photos on Facebook of the billboards in Nashville this week-end. I could not be there and I was thrilled to see the images "live" in town. I created the series "Signs" specially for the occasion. I wish I could have been there, It's really interesting to see the images play with the surrounding road signs.

I created 60 images for the series "Signs". The series was shown complete, each image was up on the billboard for 10 seconds. The complete set of "Signs" can be seen here.

I also adapted the series of paintings "Defragmentation" from my last installation. It was projected a dusk, with apparently very nice effects: "It looks like the black pigmentation is bleeding in from the night sky!" writes the BAP. The series can be seen here.

The Billboard Art Project

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